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“Something passed close to me then, a feeling or piece of knowledge, but I couldn't quite get it. A sense of something I'd once known or felt, a memory that wouldn't come into the ...

The Jevning Chronicles

Tonight! The first installment of a series of conversations with noted author and researcher Will Jevning! Yes, THAT Will Jevning! What's he been up to since his departure? What's ...

Tale of Mental Tangle

False Memories of Bears, Generals, and the Fertile Crescent. Also included is an encounter so terrifying, most of the story was redacted by the authorities.

The Hermit and The Scythe

Could you disappear? Enter the woods and vanish? We talk about a man who did just that. We also discuss a strange encounter in the woods of East Texas.

Kathy Strain, author, anthropologist and member of the NAWAC joins us for an update on Area X. We also talk about the best Bigfoot documentary you have never seen. Funny and Inform...

Seth Breedlove talks Monster Envy, Winking Lizards, and Modern Trolls, all the while explaining how to get rich making a podcast. 

Devil Dog Road

We start with a true story along an old highway...and then, we talk wood apes. Or the creature commonly referred to as Bigfoot. 

Wood Ape Teaser

We are excited to share a glimpse of what we have in store over the next several episodes. Thanks for the Support!

Spooky Dookie

Haunted technology, voices from beyond...are these paranormal experiences, or merely the makings of a magnetic mind? At times lighthearted, often white-knuckled, breathless anticip...

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