A demonic letter, haunting tales of possesion and an encounter with a freaky creature highlight this beefy episode of Ok Talk. Also included, Matt and Clinton discuss what makes up an island, and why you should always clean up after yourself. A review of the latest movie from Small Town Monsters and an exciting announcement. We've decided to try and leave some detailed show notes for once, so be sure and check that out below. 

Walk Out Tune: Portugal. The Man - Modern Jesus 

 02:14    Facebook Live Intro 

 19:55    Small Town Monsters 

 28:07    Possesion Talk 

 50:25    Emergency Brake of The Week

 53:00    IT Talk and Killer Clowns 

1:26:16  Tales From London

1:40:18  Tom Petty Talk

1:55:31  The Tale of The Toothy Demon 


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