In this episode, Clint describes his trip to the OP to meet the members of the Olympic Project during one of their expeditions. Included is a Class A encounter story, details about the hunt for DNA from the Nest Site, and a lengthy discussion about the amazing people involved with the group.

"I cannot possibly thank Derek, James, Shane, David, Shelly, Cindy and Barb enough. As well as all the others who welcomed me. The Olympic Project is a first class organization from top to bottom. Their focus is on hard science and research in their quest for answers. It's about family and friendship. I learned more in 2 days with those guys and gals than I'd ever amassed on my own. I can't recommend enough to everyone and anyone to jump at the opportunity to attend an expedition. Truly one of the highlights of my travels so far. Thanks again...I'm honored to call those involved friends." ~ Clint 

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