Kathy Strain, author, anthropologist and member of the NAWAC joins us for an update on Area X. We also talk about the best Bigfoot documentary you have never seen. Funny and Informative, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it! Please check us out on Facebook OKTalkShow, On Twitter @OkTalkShow and email the show with any and all complaints and veiled threats at OkTalkPodcast @ Gmail.com    Robots and Spammers Be Damned!

Check out Kathy's Book Giants, Cannibals and Monsters HERE

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To view the majesty of Edward and Datus, simply say "Hi, Sasquatch! Come On Down!" as loud as possible, then click HERE 













































Matt Stoker and Clint Granberry are two longtime radio personalities with a penchant for the weird. 

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